Green Panchayat for
Sustainable Development (GPSD)

Project : Green Panchayat for Sustainable Development (GPSD) Project
Project Area : Ghoshpur – Adibasipara, Baduria Block, North 24 Paraganas, West Bengal
Client : Indienhilfe e.V. Herrsching
Project Duration : December’ 2018 – March’2023

Project Brief
Indienhilfe e.V. has been working in India since 1980 in several districts of West Bengal and Orissa. Indienhilfe e.V. and Chatra Gram Panchayat has a strong bonding since 1995 through ‘Town Twining Relationship’ and the organization has been accompanying the so called ‘Town Twining’ approach between Herrsching (a commune near Munich) and Chatra Gram Panchayat.
The concept of Green Panchayat for Sustainable Development (GPSD) has been adopted by Indienhilfe e. V. in the year 2013 and subsequently focussed on a few pockets of Chatra Gram Panchayat especially at Ghoshpur-Adibasi Para under Baduria Block, District North 24 Paraganas of West Bengal, India. The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable green model village and to strengthen the ‘Town Twining Programme’ as well.
While going ahead with the town twining relationship, the presence of Arsenic in ground water was identified as a pressing problem of Chatra Gram Panchayat, especially for the poorest of the poor tribal (Adibasi) settlements. To mitigate the arsenic problem ‘Safe Drinking Water Project (SDWP)’ has been planned to be implemented in collaboration of Chhatra GP with Herrsching Municipality, Germany through funding support from NaKopa and technical advice and construction of the plant from Adelphi Research gGMbH, Germany.

Hijli INSPIRATION was assigned for the work for the year 2018 –2023.

Target group – 124 Tribal Households, Children, Adolescents, Women and Youth

Achievement –

  • School Level Eco Group Formation and capacity building on safe environment practice
  • Back up Support Coaching Centre for children
  • SHG Group formation and Strengthening them
  • Water User Group formation and Ensuring their participation with the project
  • Women Farmers identification and Capacity Building
  • Support to Women SHG for Organic Kitchen Garden preparation
  • Strengthening school twinning relationship of Chhatra GP with Herrsching Municipality
  • Providing utmost support to project construction team in liaising with govt. line departments for smooth implementation of Safe Drinking Water Project

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